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AHA Craft Beer Clone Recipes
Date of publication:2019-07-19

American Homebrewers Association reached out to 51 craft beer breweries located in 50 states and D.C. and they get 51 craft beer clone recipes and downsized to 5-gallon (18.9-liter) batch. Here are some recipes we selected that can be brewed with Joyferm yeast strains (and resized to 20-liter batch).


Crooked Hammock Brewery

Haulin Oats Milk Stout

This dark roasted sweet stout is heavy in body and color but light in its mouthfeel thanks to rolled oats and lactose, providing an underlying sweetness that is sure to make your dreams come true.


2.63 kg 2-row malt

0.56 kg Flaked Oats

0.48 kg  Munich malt

0.16 kg  Crystal 60

0.16 kg Chocolate wheat

0.16 kg  Roasted barley

0.16 kg  Perla Negra

0.08 kg Carafa III

0.08 kg  Black malt

1 g Whirlfloc(15min)

1.5 g Yeastex(15min)

0.48 kg Lactose(15min)

4 g  Fuggle hops(30min)

8 g CTZ hops(60min)

0.4 g Fermcap(60min)

1 bottle JFA1301 American Ale I Home Brew Pack


OG:1.068 (16.5 P)




Single infusion mash at 151° F (61° C) until conversion is complete. Conduct a 60 minute boil. Ferment at 65° F (18° C) until fermentation is complete, and then cold crash prior to packaging. Note: The target original gravity of 1.068 (16.5 P) is projected after the lactose addition.



Honolulu Beer Works



This German-style coconut hefeweizen is a lighter-bodied beer. Honolulu BeerWorks CocoWeizen took home a gold medal at Japan’s International Beer Cup 2018.


3.8 kg White wheat

1.2 kg 2-row malt

25 g Crystal hops,3.9% a.a.(60分钟/min)

1 bottle JFA1430 Weihenstephan Weizen Home Brew Pack

0.5 kg Coconut, shredded


OG:1.048 (11.8 P)

FG:1.006(1.5 P)





Conduct a mash at 150° F (66° C) for 60 minutes. Boil for 60 minutes, following the listed ingredient additions. Ferment at 72° F (22° C) for 10 days.Toast coconut until very dark, but not burnt. Add to secondary in a bag for easy removal. As you will be adding to secondary, take necessary sanitation steps when introducing the coconut. Let beer sit on coconut for 2 days. Transfer and carbonate.



Denizens Brewing Co.

Lowest Lord ESB

This extra special bitter is a more hop-forward version of the English bitter. With classic ESB notes of toffee and biscuit, they use a mix of English and American hops to create a floral and herbal balance with the malt.


2.4 kg  2-row malt

1.3 kg Maris Otter malt

0.36 kg  Munich I malt

0.36 kg Aromatic Barley malt

0.26 kg Crystal 45 malt

0.12 kg Acidulated malt

60 g Pale Chocolate malt

30 g Crystal hops, 3.3% a.a.(5 min)

15 g Target hops, 10% a.a.(5min)

30 g Target hops, 10% a.a.(10min)

15 g Nugget hops, 13% a.a.(45min)

1bottle  JFA1015 English Dry Ale Home Brew Pack


OG:1.054 (13 P)

FG:1.014(3.5 P)





Single infusion mash around 152° F (67° C). Conduct a 90 minute boil, following hop additions as listed in the ingredients section. Ferment in the temperature range called for by the yeast (18 - 21° C).