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8-8-3 Fully-Auto Glass bottle filling machine
8-8-3 Fully-Auto Glass bottle filling machine
Product parameters


  • Isobaric filling principle and filling valve adopts high precision mechanical valve.

  • Fast filling speed, high precision in liquid level.

  • Siemens automatic controlling system, only starts to filling when there is a bottle, otherwise it will stop filling and no broken bottles.

  • The filling process is cleaner and pure due to its twice evacuation of bottles, and more stable because of isobaric filling operation.

  • Specifically designed to beer filling and include double pre evacuation as a standard feature to ensure ultra low dissolved oxygen DO’s are maintained during the filling operation.

  • Filling cylinder braces use worm-gear box going up and down to satisfy bottles of different height.

  • Float switches in the filling cylinder ensure a smooth liquid inlet.

  • Capping: we replaced the pneumatic cover with a mechanical cover, the quality and stability of the gland are improved.

  • All-mechanical transmission: basically reaches zero failure rate.

  • Compact conformation, Easy installation,use & maintenance.

  • Conveyor bottle feeding technology instead of the feeding screw and conveyer chain. Easily change the bottle change over parts.

  • The blocking bottleneck technology to convey bottles. It does not adjust the height of equipment when the type of bottle is changed. According to the diameter of bottle, you could change corresponding nylon elements such as arc slipper guide, thumb wheel etc.

  • Those stainless steel bottle nips of wash are designed especially, they don't touch thread position of phialine, in order to avoid the second

  • pollution.

  • All of parts directly contacted with material are adopted with food stage stainless steel 304 without dead angle. So they can be cleaned easily.

  • High filling speed and mass flow rate, high precision of filling valve and control of liquids level is accurate and without loss.


Washing heads8
Vacuum pump0. 20m3/h
Filling heads8
Powermain motor: 1.5KW
hopper motor: 0 .18KW
vacuum pump motor: 1.1KW
chain motor: 0.37KW
Capping heads3
Bottle typeheight: 150~ 300mm bottle neck: ①50~①85mm bottle diameter:50-75mm
Working voltage ACCustomized by the customers' electrical conditions.
Air consumption0.2m3/min(0.4~0.6Mpa)
Control voltage DCCustomized by the customers' electrical conditions.
CO2 consumption1.6kg/l000L
Frequency converterSIEMEMS
Water consumption0.8 m3/h
Touch screenWeinview
Pneumatic elementSMC


ItemProduction capacityFilling methodMaterialDimensions
HG-4-4-1240-360BPHIsobaric fillingSUS3041550*550*1750mm
HG-6-6-1500-800BPHIsobaric fillingSUS3041520*1125*2350mm
HG-8-8-3800-1000BPHIsobaric fillingSUS3041850*1600*2500mm
HG-16-16-62000BPHIsobaric fillingSUS3042300*1900*2500mm
HG-40-40-108000-10000BPHIsobaric fillingSUS3044200*3000*2700mm




After-Sale Service

1 year warranty for the machine If the electrical elements go wrong without artificial factors within one year, we will freely provide them or maintain them for you.

After warranty, if you need to change parts, we will kindly provide you with the best price or maintain it in your site. Whenever you have technical question in using it, we will freely do our best to support.

We can also dispatch our engineer to your brewery to install and adjust the machines for you. He can also train your staff to use the equipment.


How about the installation?
We can supply the installation. There are two options. The first option: We could appoint our engineer to your company to debug and repair, as for the cost of this trip such as ticket, visa, accommodation and labor cost shall be on your side. The second option: On-line service will be provided. If still under guarantee period, the necessary accessories and parts will be provided free, the buyer afford the transportation cost.

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